Quisenberry, a Spokane based advertising agency



You need to be smart before you can be clever. Insight, research and intuition drive our creative development. Strategy anchors everything. Before a single idea is generated, you must have the broader view of the landscape, but also grasp the nuances of the specific industry in which you’re playing. Tactics and execution all have to answer to the strategy - as strategy is indeed King.



It’s not about being creative for the sake of being creative. It’s about strategy driving design. We leverage smart, fresh thinking and conceptual approaches to craft pieces that engage while clearly telling the right story. Print, logos, collateral, TV, radio, invitations, digital…you name it, we do it all.



Today, digital presence is obviously a cost of entry. And we’ll help you develop a relevant, effective strategy. Tactics include: websites, microsites, web videos, display ads, organic SEO, buying and optimizing. Digital must be monitored daily, and our team has the confidence to move quickly when the situation demands it.



Media based on strategic objectives and tactics. Traditional, social, digital and environmental media planning, buying, tracking and post performance make sure the right audience sees your message. We are proud of how well our media plans deliver for our clients. We create the ultimate checkmate.


Public Relations

From press releases to event planning and promotion to communication strategy, we have the skills and connections to make your PR work in conjunction with your marketing. Our goal is to create consistency and support your overarching brand story. Public relations done well is like adding a few extra bishops to the game. You are going to have the best odds of winning.